Poisoning and Detoxification: A Central Issue with Chronic Diseases

February 11, 2016
Poisoning and Detoxification: A Central Issue with Chronic Diseases

How many toxins must conquer the body until it falls towards disease? Decisive for health is the system of basic regulation, that is, all the little processes around the cells. Another big center of the immune system is the bowel.

Chronic diseases, to which cancer belongs, can rarely be related to linear-causal contexts. Rather, in most cases the emergence of the disease as well as the therapy is a multidimensional evolution. Biological systems do not show linearity, but are heavily cross-linked and subject to a biological floating balance.

Cardinal Point: Basic Regulation

Decisive for health and disease is the condition of the basic regulatory system. That is what we understand as the unit of terminal vessels, endothelial cells (cells at the inner cardiovascular walls) and the nerve ends as well as the extra cellular fluid. Attached are the lymphatic vessels and lymph organs. The extra cellular fluid nourishes the cells and forwards waste products to the lymphatic vessels and lymph organs. It regulates the ‘cell chemical environment system’ and at the same time it is in the center of all inflammatory and defensive action.

Living in the extra cellular space, the basic substance is connected 1) to the hormone system by capillaries (thin terminal vessels) and 2) to the nervous system by peripheral vegetative nerve fibers that end here. Both systems are connected to each other in the brain stem. That is why a therapy of the extra cellular space can also treat the superior ruling centers. There is no system that demonstrates better entireness and cross-linking than the system of basic regulation.

Delivery and Return at the ‘Transit Line’

In this context the so-called transit line is of great importance: from a biochemical view, the basic substance consists of a mesh work of highly polymeric sugar- and protein complexes. These make up a molecular sieve with oxygen and nutrition being passed to the cell and in return waste products of the cell metabolism are removed. This molecular sieve is called ‘the transit line’. Here it is decided which substances are brought to the cell and which are removed. Molecules from a certain size or electric charge can no more pass the molecular mesh. The result is a disturbance of the very sensible electro-static tonus that reacts on any change in the basic substance by altering the electric potential. These alterations are transferred to the cell membrane and can provoke diverse reactions, e.g. pathologic enzyme reactions. They, in turn, can lead to gene activation and changes in the DNA, which may be the signal for the emergence of a disease.

The basic regulation so to speak, is the basis on which diseases may arise and flourish, or, by restoring its function, we can regain lost health.

That makes clear why in a holistic oriented tumor therapy aka biologic cancer medicine, diverting and detoxification, respectively, is of such decisive importance. Sebastian Kneipp himself answered the question about the major three therapies as follows: ‘1st detoxification, 2nd detoxification, and 3rd detoxification’. In other words: A insidious intoxication and permanent excessive demands of the basic regulatory system are in fact the causes for many chronic degenerative diseases, for example cancer.

How does the Indigious Intoxication Happen?

An insidious intoxication of the organism may be caused by a normal metabolism. This is called autointoxication. However, endogenic toxins, so toxins emerging from the body, only become the reason for diseases when the excretion organs are surcharged, or rather when the excretion does not work sufficiently. But not only metabolism, also immune reactions for developing diseases may create such toxins which can cause enormous problems in a pre-stressed body.

Nowadays, additionally to metabolic disorders, we face a plethora of environmental toxins that our body has to deal with on a daily basis. Environmental toxins have increased to a frightening extend, thus making detoxification more than ever a central theme in biological cancer medicine.

By now, we find environmental toxins everywhere. Pesticides, heavy metals, sludge, radioactivity or pharmaceutical residue pollute our drinking water and our food. Amalgam from the teeth, root filled teeth, granuloma, chronic inflammations, housing toxins and poisons from vaccinations all put a strain on the immune system. Gene manipulations lead to unmanageable disorder in the biological balance. Exhaust emissions and ozone pollute our breathable air, while noise and electric smog, for example caused by a chronic use of mobile phones, wear down our nerves. Any given critical values conform to the industry only protect the consumers in a way that they do not instantly faint from the daily toxic cocktail. It is indeed remarkable that we are still alive, partly still healthy and live that long. We owe this to the abilities of our own detoxification and basic regulation. But when enough is enough, disease appears.

Symptoms from Strain by Environment Toxins

If a patient suffers from the following ailments, this should wake us up: these symptoms are characteristic for a elevated toxic strain:

  • getting sick easily in general and catching infects (such as chronic cold, recurring herpes, bladder inflammation, etc.)
  • gum problems like periodontosis and cavities
  • irritated and swollen eyes
  • dry and scabby skin, bad skin with delayed healing tendencies
  • acne, eczema such as neurodermatitis, skin allergies and mycosis
  • increased sweating with strong smell
  • augmented hair loss
  • frequent tremor and headache
  • nervous twitches, augmented sense of pain, therapy resistant neuralgia
  • auto-immune sufferance, allergies such as hay fever, asthma and rheumatic disorders
  • change in the urine (strong smell, dark, murky, burning, often even without indications of discharge)
  • increasing infertility of both sexes
  • change in the stool and recurring problems with digestion
  • formation of tumor and cancer

The appearance of intoxication, most notably by environment toxins, is a creeping process and therefore in many cases non-specific. Often they are even not perceived as the cause of a disease and the person concerned is named a hypochondriac or a hysteric, because despite elaborate diagnostics no specific cause can be determined.

Besides the discomforts mentioned above, patients concerned often complain about:

  • exhaustion
  • nervousness
  • irritability
  • loss of appetite
  • weariness
  • concentration dysfunction

The alteration of sleeplessness with drowsiness and/or depression with hyperactivity is typical. Many people suffer from distinctive weather sensitivity. Eye-catching is that the discomforts are mostly chronic and continuously increase or reoccur in ever shorter intervals.

A change of place often leads to a relief and therefore could be an indication for toxins at the residence, such as housing toxins. An intolerance for medication is typical as well.

How Toxins Harm

Environment toxins may block our self-regulatory mechanisms in a way that no more according reactions can take place. Environment toxins disturb the metabolism of the cells and the inter-cellular communication.

Now the self-healing forces hardly function which can be especially problematic for a biologic treatment. A detoxification therapy consists of a series of entirely different substances such as vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, phyto-therapeutics etc.

Reaction is often blocked by allopathic medication. There is strong evidence that many allopathic drugs cause an altered reaction in the body.

Antibiotics, cortisone and anti-rheumatics are not really remedies which eliminate the cause of the disease, they are just symptomatic drugs. They suppress, relocate or disguise symptoms. Amongst other things, this can be recognized when diseases or symptoms search for other ways during such a treatment, or when side effects of allopathic drugs create new diseases, e.g. acne, osteoporosis or gastric ulcer, etc.

Can the Body Make it Alone?

Not in all cases the body needs help for detoxification. Unless the detoxifying organs are not weakened too much (by infects, aging process or the growth of cancer), it can exercise detoxification itself.

Detoxification mostly happens at the surface of the body. This is the reason why there, because of the high concentration of toxins, symptoms such as bladder cancer , kidney cancer or prostate enlargement occur. In the sense of humoral medicine sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, inflammations and alteration of the skin and others are the body’s attempts to free itself from toxins. Pain mostly occurs in regions of pathological acidity of the tissue.

The removal respectively suppression of such self-healing mechanisms is not always appropriate, but on the contrary may lead to serious diseases in the long run.

How to support the body in detoxification

The self regulatory mechanisms are best supported by detoxifying procedures that are simply copied from nature. The excretion of toxins happens from inside to outside from the classy organs to the non classy ones. This is the basic idea of humoral medicine. Especially ‘noble’ are the inner organs, above all the brain, liver, pancreas, lungs, kidneys and the heart. ‘Ignoble’ on the other side are the mucous membrane, bowel, bladder and skin, which means the boundary surface. Numerous chronic diseases, such as mycosis, allergies or cancer, occur especially in those places by accumulation of environment toxins. Toxins are being stored here and sometimes not completely discharged.

Practice has shown that a stimulation of the discharging actions, especially in the liver, pancreas, bowel and kidney, can support the endogenous toxin discharge effectively. A drainage through the liver, pancreas, bowel and urinary tract proves to be effective. Traditionally medicinal plants are used: cholagoga, laxanties, diuretics, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Modern medicine often mistrusts this old knowledge about a consequent detoxification: it is believed that old knowledge is out of date. Despite this, scientific researches mostly prove the traditional experiences.

Heavy Metals Disturb the System

Heavily disturbing factors of the system are heavy metals or wrongly stored metals such as iron or copper. They produce free radicals which in turn may trigger a chain reaction of pathologic processes. Free radicals are an essential cause for the aging process and chronic degenerative diseases.

The life expectation of a human can be prolonged if the formation of free radicals is limited, or the capacity of antioxidative defense processes is increased. But if the antioxidative capacity is used up, heavy metals can disturb the balance and cause diseases.

Free radicals harm the DNA of the mitochondria which leads to a reduced ATP synthesis and a detraction of ATP dependent processes (ATP = bio-chemical energy source of the body). The resulting loss of energy of the body’s cells leads to a progressive cell aging and a functional loss of the single cell.

Moreover, free radicals can also damage the cell’s nucleus and the function of repair enzymes and thus contribute to the deterioration of cells. The intense impact of heavy metals and free radicals can lead to the damage of whole organ systems and the whole organism as such. Depending on the question which heavy metals are stocked in which organ systems and how fast the local and systemic antioxidative defensive processes are exhausted, various discomforts and diseases may occur.

It is also important to consider the influence of other pathogenic factors on the local and the systemic level:

  • The storage of iron in the brain may lead to early aging processes of the central nervous system. By damaging the Substantia nigra this can also contribute to the formation of Parkinson disease.
  • In the breast area iron ions may initiate the development of free radicals and lead to a damage of the DNA, thus boosting the risk of breast cancer.
  • Lead, mercury, nickel, chromate, cobalt, copper and tin stimulate the growth of human breast cancer cells.
  • Metallic mercury reduces the number of natural killer cells and compromises the chemotaxis of polymorphic leucocytes. This may disturb cellular immunity.
  • A chronic lead pollution leads to a reduction of B- and T-leucocytes and the natural killer cells. Lead in the aorta, the heart or the kidneys however, inactivates the beta receptors as well as the renin-angiotensin aldosterone system, which leads to high blood pressure.
  • Non-organic mercury, by creating free radicals, may cause high blood pressure and diseases of the heart, the lungs and the kidneys.
  • A chronic low intake of copper can lead to an increase of free radicals in the bowel and is considered a possible risk factor for bowel cancer.
  • 21 benign and 23 malignant brain tumors have proven an increased concentration of cadmium, mercury and lead.
  • The prostate as well has become a waste deposit of heavy metal, therefore we find here increased levels of cadmium from the environment and mercury and palladium from dental fillings.
  • The repair of the DNA damages may already be blocked by low-dosed water- soluble nickel, nickel-oxide and cadmium, thus damaging fundamental repair mechanisms.

Diagnosis and Therapy

These few examples clearly demonstrate the harmfulness of heavy metals. Discharging substances like chelates in the first place can create some relief. However, with the great number of heavy metals, it is a problem to prove which metal exactly is responsible for which disease. The great number of possible substances and their interaction make it usually impossible and thus restrain a strict medical prove of cause and reaction.

In any case an increased level of heavy metals in the urine can be observed after the administration of chelates. This may be used as a diagnostic means. Even the WHO (World Health Organization) assumes that heavy metals play an important role in the development of diseases. These can be disturbances of the blood circulation, cancer, diseases of the nervous system, auto immune diseases as well as damages of the fetus.

Therefore, in holistic medicine, the diagnosis and removal of heavy metals and other toxins are important factors. Besides the chelation therapy with EDTA, DMPS and DMSA, we also use Desferral and other substances to cope with this problem. As for the herapy, the chronic application of spagyric drugs has proven itself.

Treatment Methods for the Removal of Heavy Metals

A spagyric detoxification therapy promotes the removal of heavy metals as could be demonstrated in an application study. Changing every three days we give silybum spag., solidago spag. and urtica arsenicum spag. as well as thuja lachesis spag. continuously.

Besides those diverting drugs that detoxificate the basic tissue, the liver and the kidneys, it is of great importance to detoxificate the bowel. as well Therefore we recommend, besides an analysis of the stool, a treatment or correction of the symbiosis e.g. by regular application of prebiotics and probiotics. Highly approved is, besides the hydro colon therapy, the cleaning of the bowel with volcanic zeoliths such as chabasit and klinopthilolit.

With zeoliths, the focus lies on the adsorption ammonium ions, fermentation- and digestive gases as well as the absorption and adsorption of diverse toxins, heavy metals and radio active nucleotides (caesium and strontium). Equally important is the neutralization of free radicals before damaging the cells.

We use volcanic zeoliths for the cleaning of the bowel in case of:

  • immune deficiency
  • acute diseases
  • cancer
  • chemical contamination
  • chemo therapy
  • radiation (arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism)
  • administration of drugs
  • allergies and contamination with amalgam
  • pregnancy and lactation
  • smoking

The Positive Effects of Zeolith

The gut micro-flora with its physiologic bacteria strains finds a perfect milieu after the cleaning. The immune system, as well as the liver and the kidneys highly benefit from a cleaned gut micro-flora. As toxins are already disposed of via bowel, liver and kidneys are relieved. The liver can return to its main issue which is the transformation of fat into energy. As zeolith provokes the excretion of ammonium ions, degradation products of nutrition rich in protein, the kidneys are supported as well. If now enough water is taken in, the liver does not have to support the kidneys for a lack of fluids. The connective tissue is relieved and cleaned, because usually toxins are lead through the intestinal wall into the tissue and stored there. The toxins then create free radicals which damage the body and the cells. With zeolith toxins are already bound in the bowel and excreted.

Thus, together with other products that restore the bowel, the flora can be strengthened. This in return has a positive influence on the immune system.

Intestinal Flora and Hyper Acidity

There is a tight relation between hyper acidity and waste products in the connective tissue on the one hand and the bowel as an excretion- and immune system on the other.

I have already pointed out how important the basic regulatory system is and that it is more than just a support- and filter tissue. Its tasks are regulation as well as nutrition and it is the facilitator between vessel and nerve functions. That is why remote effects from one system to the other are possible. That indicates that diseases not only flux the connective tissue, disturb the acid- base household and damage the digestive system. It also indicates that a disturbance of this system creates a variety of chronic diseases, among them also cancer.

Unfortunately, in conventional medicine, symptoms but not causes are treated and therefore this context is often lost sight of. A balanced acid-base and a healthy intestinal flora are strong pillars of our health.

Harm by Bacterial Overgrowth

The ancient doctors knew: death sits in the bowel. Under normal condition, the bowel’s mucous membrane is a tight mesh net that does not allow big molecules to pass through. With a false bacteriologic settlement though, the mucous membrane being stressed continuously, the meshes become bigger so that gradually bigger molecules can pass the net. Thus, via the bowel’s mucous membrane, undigested protein and waste products of bacteria, e.g. acids from fermentation processes, reach the bloodstream and other parts of the organism. The bowel has, in the true sense of the word, several leaks like a sinking ship. We call this a ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’. Additionally, a leaky gut can’t produce a sufficient number of immune cells. The consequence is a degradation of the immune system. A vicious circle begins.

An analysis of the stool discloses the constitution of the intestinal flora. A reduced IgA and an increased alpha-1-antitrypsin point to a leaky gut syndrome.

The Sources of Acid

Besides a mal-colonized intestinal flora, there are numerous other acid sources. Our organism is literally flooded with acids. A great part we take in with nutrition.

Minerals – which are bases – are rare in our food, even if one tries to feed himself consciously. Our organism requires bases in order to be able to mobilize and neutralize settled acids. Particularly suitable are basic minerals.

But as our own mineral reserves are eaten up by acids and moreover our food contains increasingly less minerals, they have to be additionally supplied from outside. Basic mineral supplements are most suitable for this purpose.

Food rich in minerals, such as vegetables, herbs and fruits are base builders. In contrast, animal protein is being processed acidly, thus making food from animals strong acid builders.

Aids for Regeneration

Many chronic diseases are based on a series of recognizable and ever reoccurring reasons. As our life-controlling systems are networking and influencing each other, the state of the basic regulatory system is essential for health and disease. It nourishes the cells and disposes the waste products. It regulates the ‘cell milieu system’ and is at the center of all inflammatory and defensive processes, thus involved in almost all diseases.

In order to heal diseases successfully and not only treat the symptoms as the orthodox medicine does mostly, we have to focus on the regeneration of that system. Therefore, six steps are necessary:

  • Step 1. Mobilizing and neutralizing stored acids by basic minerals.
  • Step 2. Supporting acid waste product disposal.
  • Step 3. Supporting neutralization and disposal process and stabilizing the metabolism with zeoliths (volcanic minerals).
  • Step 4. Reconstructing and fortifying the intestinal flora with prebiotic and probiotic bacterial cultures.
  • Step 5. Dietary supplementation with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and phyto-chemicals.
  • Step 6. Eliminating environmental toxins with chelation.


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