St. Georg Hospital’s Intestinal Regeneration Program

St. Georg hospital’s intestinal regeneration program

Word has gotten around that a healthy intestine (healthy intestinal flora with all their intestinal bacteria and viruses [intestinal microbiome) not only ensures that our digestion functions smoothly, but according to current research, we also know that the composition of our intestinal bacteria has a major influence on how fit and healthy we are. The […]

The Crown Jewel of our Detoxification Program…

Das Kronjuwel unseres Entgiftungsprogramms bei Krebs und Borreliose ist Wärme bzw. Hyperthermie.

The crown jewel of our detoxification program for cancer and Lyme disease is heat or hyperthermia. Toxins and chronic degenerative diseases Environmental toxins and a chronic burden of the organism with toxins often play a causal role in chronic degenerative diseases. Hence, for overcoming the disease and long-term recovery of these patients, it is important […]

Coffee Enema: Detoxing the Body

Kaffee-Einlauf: zur Entgiftung des Körpers

Since ancient times we know that the coffee enema has a considerably bigger effect on liver function and liver cleansing than other forms of enemas. Coffee Enema is a simple, yet effective method for detoxing the body What is the effect of the coffee enema? For the coffee enema we introduce freshly brewed, lukewarm or cold […]