Coffee Enema: Detoxing the Body

March 24, 2010
Coffee Enema: Detoxing the Body

Since ancient times we know that the coffee enema has a considerably bigger effect on liver function and liver cleansing than other forms of enemas. Coffee Enema is a simple, yet effective method for detoxing the body

What is the effect of the coffee enema?

For the coffee enema we introduce freshly brewed, lukewarm or cold biologic-organic coffee directly to the colon. The coffee is being resorbed and, via the so-called portal vein system, transported directly to the liver.

Here, both the bittern and the caffeine cause a distinct reaction, which is the contraction of the biliary tract. Gall is dispensed directly to the small intestine, thus greatly relieving the liver from waste products.

Coffee creates a cleansing of the liver and a measurable detoxification

Furthermore, the coffee-enema creates a cleansing of the rectum and of the ampulla. These two should always be empty, otherwise toxins dumped with the stool will unnecessarily be reabsorbed the body and reach the liver. Additionally, the coffee enema creates reflectory movements of the colon. This also causes a better cleanout of higher located regions of the bowel.

The coffee enema is one of the best, cheapest and most effective cleansing methods for the bowel and the liver.

How to execute the coffee enema?

  • Get yourself 2-3 cups of freshly brewed, biologic-organic coffee.
  • Per cup, use one heaped coffee spoon of roughly grinded coffee (not as smooth as when used for filter coffee), pour hot water over it, kept in a jug.
  • The coffee needs to cool down. The best way is to keep it next to your bed over night.
  • Shortly shake it in the morning and use a 50ml syringe with a one-way catheter to insert it to the rectum.
  • The coffee should stay at least 15-20 minutes in the bowel before deflation.

This may take a bit getting used to, but after a while there will be no more problems.

With no other method whatsoever, you can get very good results in very little time. Of course the coffee enema must be continued over a long period of time. Please consult your physician accordingly. In general this is a procedure that should be applied for at least 3-6 months.

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