Whole-body hyperthermia in combination with platinum-containing drugs in patients with recurrent ovarian cancer

Abstract Background: Patients with advanced ovarian cancer have an enormous risk of relapse after primary therapy, and the prognosis for these patients remains bleak. Primary and acquired resistance of tumor cells to antineoplastic drugs is a major cause of the limited effectiveness of chemotherapy. The effect of whole-body hyperthermia (WBH) combined with platinum-containing chemotherapy in […]

Radiofrequency Transurethral Hyperthermia and Complete Androgen Blockade

A Nonsurgical Approach to Treating Prostate Cancer Prostate cancer (PC) is a major health problem in the Western world being the second most common male malignancy in the European Union. The age-standardized incidence of PC varies more than one hundredfold between areas with the highest incidence (e.g., the United States) and the lowest incidence (e.g., […]

Posttreatment Histology and Microcirculation Status of Osteogenic Sarcoma

Posttreatment Histology and Microcirculation Status of Osteogenic Sarcoma after a Neoadjuvant Chemo­ and Radiotherapy in Combination with Local Electromagnetic Hyperthermia Summary Background: Many biological attributes of tumors (including regional blood flow and microcirculation) can deteriorate the homogeneity of heat distribution and temperature elevation during hyperthermia. We analyzed the connection between the microcirculation status of osteogenic […]