Progesterone: an Important Hormone for Women and Men

Progesterone is known as our calming, mood, sleep, libido and bone-enhancing hormone.  What many men don’t know is that Progesterone functions as a precursor in our body to produce testosterone, while also acting as a balance to decrease estrogen. As men age the level of progesterone starts to decrease.  Natural production by the testes and […]

Progesterone in Men

Progesterone in Men

Progesterone, most people think, is a hormone that exists only in women. But both men and women contain estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. After a detailed blood or saliva analysis, it’s easy for us at Klinik St. Georg to see how much progesterone your body contains and compare it to normal levels. Few people know that […]

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC): The Potent Antioxidant

N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) the potent Antioxidant

NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) is a potent antioxidant and creates glutathione in the body, which is extremely helpful for a number of reasons. Usually NAC is prescribed for cough to loosen the firm mucus, but NAC can be prescribed also to help replenish glutathione, one of the body’s most important antioxidants. N-acetyl cysteine (NAC): the “mother” […]

St. Georg Hospital’s Intestinal Regeneration Program

St. Georg hospital’s intestinal regeneration program

Word has gotten around that a healthy intestine (healthy intestinal flora with all their intestinal bacteria and viruses [intestinal microbiome) not only ensures that our digestion functions smoothly, but according to current research, we also know that the composition of our intestinal bacteria has a major influence on how fit and healthy we are. The […]

Treating Mitochondrial Dysfunction with Natural Supplements

Treating Mitochondrial Dysfunction with Natural Supplements

Mitochondrial dysfunction results in impaired cellular energy production and produces excess fatigue thus making the simplest tasks feel onerous. However, it is possible to treat mtochondrial dysfunction with natural supplements. Mitochondrial dysfunction occurs in aging and in all kinds of chronic diseases: neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, metabolic, autoimmune, gastrointestinal, chronic infections, neurobehavioral, and cancers. Non-genetic, acquired mitochondrial […]

Why a Healthy Mouth is Important for Patients with Cancer and Lyme Disease

Why a Healthy Mouth is Important for Patients with Cancer and Lyme Disease

The mouth is the most important factor in the breakdown of health; close to this is only the gut with its microbiome. All the antibiotics, and all the holistic approaches to healing, are likely to fail if the mouth and the gut-brain axis have been overlooked. The mouth can be a reservoir of bacterial infections […]

The Importance of Gut-Brain Axis for Brain and general Health

The Importance of Gut-Brain Axis

Scientific hypotheses, medical guidelines, and accepted treatments come and go over the decades. I have experienced this many times in my long medical career. Today’s guideline recommendations are mostly yesterday’s error. Now, a “new” idea has emerged on the origin of our brain- and general health. The gut-brain axis works in both directions In recent […]

The Crown Jewel of our Detoxification Program…

Das Kronjuwel unseres Entgiftungsprogramms bei Krebs und Borreliose ist Wärme bzw. Hyperthermie.

The crown jewel of our detoxification program for cancer and Lyme disease is heat or hyperthermia. Toxins and chronic degenerative diseases Environmental toxins and a chronic burden of the organism with toxins often play a causal role in chronic degenerative diseases. Hence, for overcoming the disease and long-term recovery of these patients, it is important […]

Optimized Prostate Therapy at Hospital St. George

Optimized Prostate Therapy at Hospital St. George

For years we have been constantly trying to optimize therapy for both our tumor patients and our borreliosis patients. Prostate hyperthermia, namely the transurethral conducted one, has so far been the treatment of choice for patients with a carcinoma restricted to the prostate. This method has been very successful and has helped hundreds of patients […]

Mebendazole, an old Vermifuge – as an Adjuvant in Tumor Therapy

Mebendazol, ein altes Wurmmittel – als Adjuvans in der Tumortherapie

The proven vermifuge Mebendazole (Vermox) has appeared to be an excellent universal anti-cancer adjuvant in recent years. Since our meeting with Dr. Simon YU in our clinic and his impressing book “Accidental Blow up in medicine”, we were able to gain impressive experience. How does Mebendazole work, what is known so far? It intensifies chemo […]