The Crown Jewel of our Detoxification Program…

Das Kronjuwel unseres Entgiftungsprogramms bei Krebs und Borreliose ist Wärme bzw. Hyperthermie.

The crown jewel of our detoxification program for cancer and Lyme disease is heat or hyperthermia. Toxins and chronic degenerative diseases Environmental toxins and a chronic burden of the organism with toxins often play a causal role in chronic degenerative diseases. Hence, for overcoming the disease and long-term recovery of these patients, it is important […]

Mercury, the Silent Danger in Today’s World

Mercury, the Silent Danger in Today’s World

In this short information I want to reflect only on the role of mercury as an anti-nutrient. The fact that we constantly accumulate low-grade concentrations of mercury, as compared to toxic levels, is largely ignored by public health authorities and scientists, especially physicians. Although there may be a period of time when a major exposure […]

Poisoning and Detoxification: A Central Issue with Chronic Diseases

Poisoning and detoxification: the central issue with chronic diseases

How many toxins must conquer the body until it falls towards disease? Decisive for health is the system of basic regulation, that is, all the little processes around the cells. Another big center of the immune system is the bowel. Chronic diseases, to which cancer belongs, can rarely be related to linear-causal contexts. Rather, in […]