Progesterone: an Important Hormone for Women and Men

Progesterone is known as our calming, mood, sleep, libido and bone-enhancing hormone.  What many men don’t know is that Progesterone functions as a precursor in our body to produce testosterone, while also acting as a balance to decrease estrogen. As men age the level of progesterone starts to decrease.  Natural production by the testes and […]

Progesterone in Men

Progesterone in Men

Progesterone, most people think, is a hormone that exists only in women. But both men and women contain estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. After a detailed blood or saliva analysis, it’s easy for us at Klinik St. Georg to see how much progesterone your body contains and compare it to normal levels. Few people know that […]

Optimized Prostate Therapy at Hospital St. George

Optimized Prostate Therapy at Hospital St. George

For years we have been constantly trying to optimize therapy for both our tumor patients and our borreliosis patients. Prostate hyperthermia, namely the transurethral conducted one, has so far been the treatment of choice for patients with a carcinoma restricted to the prostate. This method has been very successful and has helped hundreds of patients […]

‘New’ Prostate Cancer Treatment

'New' Prostate Cancer Treatment

During a routine physical in September 2006, retired airline pilot Jeff Albulet’s doctor thought he ‘felt something’ when he did a digital rectal exam, although Jeff’s prostate specific antigen (PSA) was only 2. Six months later, Jeff’s PSA rose to 3.5, and a biopsy showed precancerous cells. In discussing his options with his primary care […]

Nightmarish Health System: Why only Complementary Therapy Can Save Us

Nightmarish Health System

Why do more and more people die from cancer although the pharmaceutical industry makes billions with cancer pharmaceutics? How can the mortality rate be the lowest where there is the lowest number of doctors? And why do we still agree to a health system that bleeds us financially but cannot cure our diseases? The businesslike […]