St. Georg Hospital’s Intestinal Regeneration Program

St. Georg hospital’s intestinal regeneration program

Word has gotten around that a healthy intestine (healthy intestinal flora with all their intestinal bacteria and viruses [intestinal microbiome) not only ensures that our digestion functions smoothly, but according to current research, we also know that the composition of our intestinal bacteria has a major influence on how fit and healthy we are. The […]

The Importance of Gut-Brain Axis for Brain and general Health

The Importance of Gut-Brain Axis

Scientific hypotheses, medical guidelines, and accepted treatments come and go over the decades. I have experienced this many times in my long medical career. Today’s guideline recommendations are mostly yesterday’s error. Now, a “new” idea has emerged on the origin of our brain- and general health. The gut-brain axis works in both directions In recent […]

Poisoning and Detoxification: A Central Issue with Chronic Diseases

Poisoning and detoxification: the central issue with chronic diseases

How many toxins must conquer the body until it falls towards disease? Decisive for health is the system of basic regulation, that is, all the little processes around the cells. Another big center of the immune system is the bowel. Chronic diseases, to which cancer belongs, can rarely be related to linear-causal contexts. Rather, in […]