Poisoning and Detoxification: A Central Issue with Chronic Diseases

Poisoning and detoxification: the central issue with chronic diseases

How many toxins must conquer the body until it falls towards disease? Decisive for health is the system of basic regulation, that is, all the little processes around the cells. Another big center of the immune system is the bowel. Chronic diseases, to which cancer belongs, can rarely be related to linear-causal contexts. Rather, in […]

Lugol’s Solution: One of the Most Important and Cheapest Drugs

Lugol'sche Lösung: eines der günstigsten und wichtigsten Medikamente

Lugol’s Solution Iodine (Lugol’s solution, potassium iodide) can be used to strengthen the immune system, for disinfection and protection against free radicals, but also as a prevention and complementary treatment of breast cancer and other malignant diseases. It is one of the most important and cheapest drugs of our time! Natural Iodine Sources Iodine is […]

Coffee Enema: Detoxing the Body

Kaffee-Einlauf: zur Entgiftung des Körpers

Since ancient times we know that the coffee enema has a considerably bigger effect on liver function and liver cleansing than other forms of enemas. Coffee Enema is a simple, yet effective method for detoxing the body What is the effect of the coffee enema? For the coffee enema we introduce freshly brewed, lukewarm or cold […]