Local-regional Hyperthermia

Local-regional Hyperthermia In local-regional hyperthermia, the heat only directed regionally and straight to the tissue or organ affected by the tumor. This is in contrast to whole-body hyperthermia, where the entire body undergoes excessive heating. At St. Georg Hospital, local-regional hyperthermia offered in two different forms, deep hyperthermia, and surface hyperthermia. KNOW HOW IT WORKS […]

Systemic Whole Body Hyperthermia (SWBH)

Systemic Whole Body Hyperthermia (SWBH) Systemic Whole Body Hyperthermia (SWBH) | Malignant cells and cancerous tissue are more sensitive to heat than healthy tissue and under certain conditions, they can be selectively destroyed by heat. KNOW HOW IT WORKS How does Systemic Whole Body Hyperthermia work? Before any patient accepted for SWBH, stringent physical examination […]


Hyperthermia Heat as a means of therapy has been known for a very long time. Even Hippocrates and the ancient Egyptians used heat therapy. Heat can cause considerable damage to living cells, hence the body can only survive for a short time with a temperature in excess of 42°C (107°F). However, the destructive force of […]


Diagnostics Internal medicine General medicine Specialist diagnostics Ultrasound Contrast-enhanced ultrasound Doppler ultrasound Clinical laboratory Immunological tumor-associated laboratory diagnostics (in collaboration with an external partner) ECG Spirometry Stress ECG Echocardiography Chemosensitivity testing Analysis of intestinal flora Specialist testing as required (e.g. computed tomography, nuclear medicine, MRI, PET, CT, conventional X-ray) is carried out in close collaboration […]


St. George Hospital St. George Hospital – specialist hospital for internal medicine with a focus on oncology, gynecology, and urology. GET CONSULTATION Our Approach The holistic, integrative treatment approach at St. George Hospital views the patient as a whole person comprising body, mind, and soul. So this means that your recovery is our goal and […]