Relaxation Therapies

Relaxation Therapies As part of your stay, St. Georg Hospital offers you Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, and many other treatments for your Relaxation Therapies and regeneration. KNOW HOW IT WORKS What is Reiki? Reiki is a supplemental treatment that fosters your own healing powers. Translated from Japanese it means „universal life-force energy“. It is a traditional […]

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy The Physical Therapy Department of our clinic is closely integrated into the treatment plan. So vital part of our Integrative Cancer Therapy Concept. Acupressure Compression bandages Cryotherapy Detox Footbath Dorn Therapy Heat-infrared treatment Hydro colon therapy (colonics) Hydro colon therapy (colonics) Lymphatic drainage Magnet Therapy Manual Medicine Massages Mud applications Natural Remedies Osteopathic […]

Pain Management

Pain Management Cancer patients have to contend with many fears. These include not only the fear of death, but also the suffering of severe pain. To relieve pain is one of the most important tasks for a physician. Our goal is to create an individualized therapy concept for each patient. KNOW HOW IT WORKS Therapeutic […]

Organotherapy Treatments

Organotherapy Treatments Organotherapy strengthens the immune system. And supports organ functions such as the heart, liver, kidney, brain, and also musculoskeletal system. KNOW HOW IT WORKS When is Organo Therapy Treatments Used? It is used as a preventive measure but also when organ damage already has occurred. Therefore it is especially important as adjuvant therapy […]

Immune Therapy

Immune Therapy The immune system composed of a variety of different cells that all have specific duties. If they are out of balance, mutating cells may not be properly recognized and can develop into cancer. By utilizing a special function test, we check the status of our patients’ immune systems to see, for example, what […]

Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy Do you need hormone therapy? The body’s hormonal system is based primarily on the thyroid, adrenal gland, and sex hormones. It is essential for all these hormones to function properly because they affect not only cancer growth but also the patients’ overall health. KNOW HOW IT WORKS Therapy Approach Unfortunately, we also live […]

Detoxification Therapies

Detoxification Therapies With cancer treatment, as the patient’s system repaired, large amounts of metabolic waste and stored toxins released. Therefore, detoxification therapies is very important during this phase. KNOW HOW IT WORKS Detoxification Methods In that case, Detoxification therapy carried out with a variety of different methods: chelation, alkalinization with Bicarbonate, or coffee enemas to […]

Complimentary Therapies

Complementary Therapies Looking for complementary therapies at St. George Hospital? One of the main causes of cancer decreased, respectively impaired immune system, often in conjunction with elevated levels of environmental toxins and carcinogenic substances. Therefore, the detoxification of the body, the riddance of these harmful substances, and the activation and/or stabilization of the immune system […]

Interstitial High Frequency Thermotherapy (HFTT)

Interstitial High Frequency Thermotherapy (HFTT) Interstitial High Frequency Thermotherapy is a method for special indications like liver or lung metastases. But Under imaging control, a fine needle inserted directly into the tumor. At the end of this perforated needle, under mild pressure, steam released. Which helps to distribute the heat of the needle tip evenly […]

Transurethral Prostate Hyperthermia

Transurethral Prostate Hyperthermia Prostate hyperthermia very gentle form of local hyperthermia applied under local anesthesia. The machine which directs heat to the prostate works with radiofrequency and used only for this purpose. KNOW HOW IT WORKS How does Transurethral Prostate Hyperthermia work? After all, a heat probe or electrode placed in a normal bladder catheter. […]