Immune Therapy

The immune system composed of a variety of different cells that all have specific duties. If they are out of balance, mutating cells may not be properly recognized and can develop into cancer. By utilizing a special function test, we check the status of our patients’ immune systems to see, for example, what the T-cells and natural killer (NK) cells are doing. With this information, we can then actively balance the immune system and make it work against cancer. The nervous and endocrine systems react to this as well, so that the organism as a whole can reach a different level of response. The patient can cope better than before after such a treatment.

A prerequisite for a successful immune modulation is that the body systems are still functional and can respond to stimuli.

How We Support the Immune System

Dependent on the disease, either stimulating, modulating, suppressing, or substituting immunotherapies used. We support the immune system with xenogenic peptides, thymus hormones, nutrients, etc.

We also use a new modality – the treatment with tumor vaccines. These vaccines prevent the spreading of the tumor cells. The dendritic cells are able to absorb foreign substances (antigens) and introduce the body’s own Immune Therapy cells called lymphocytes. The activated lymphocytes can, then, effectively eliminate the invaders of the body. By this form of immunotherapy, the tumor vaccine used to actively immunize the cancer patient. Such an Active Specific Immunotherapy (ASI) usually performed in patients after tumor surgery or tumor reduction by our Integrative Cancer Therapy Concept to reduce the risk of developing metastases.