Complementary Therapies

Looking for complementary therapies at St. George Hospital? One of the main causes of cancer decreased, respectively impaired immune system, often in conjunction with elevated levels of environmental toxins and carcinogenic substances. Therefore, the detoxification of the body, the riddance of these harmful substances, and the activation and/or stabilization of the immune system are of great importance in cancer therapy. In addition, it is often necessary to normalize the natural regulation systems of cancer patients. So we activate and stabilize the immune system with nutritional, natural, biological methods and special vaccines.

All the forms of complementary therapy we use at St. George Hospital supported by relevant studies and scientific publications.

Complimentary Therapies Support

However, These therapies aid the body systems that are important for the healing process. They support for example

Complimentary Therapies Procedures

Contrary to conventional therapy the complementary therapy procedures:

Complementary Therapies at St. George Hospital:

St. George Hospital provides a plethora of complimentary therapies that are complementary to their patients. These include but are not limited to detoxification therapy, hormone therapy, immune therapy, physical therapy, and more. Read on below for a full list:

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