Story of Lyme Disease Treatment

Lyme is an infectious disease. A bacteria, the spirochaete Borrelia burgdorferi. First described in 1982 by US/Swiss micro-biologist Willy Burgdorfer, transmitted by ticks in most cases. Rarely, mosquitos or horseflies are responsible.

The story of Lyme Disease Treatment at St. George Hospital

In 1998, St. Georg Hospital saw two cancer patients who at the same time suffered from severe symptoms of Lyme disease. They were treated with Whole Body Hyperthermia as part of our integrative cancer treatment concept. This is our story of Lyme disease treatment at St. George Hospital. 

As expected, both patients showed good improvements concerning their cancer symptoms. But to everyone’s surprise, the symptoms of Lyme disease completely disappeared as well!

Dr. Friedrich R. Douwes immediately went into intense research about chronic Lyme disease. Pretty soon he realized the immense suffering of these patients: the year-long conditions, with loss of life quality and the little that mainstream medicine has to offer besides antibiotics and symptomatic treatment. This led him to a treatment protocol for chronic Lyme disease based on Whole Body Hyperthermia.

In November of 2014, Australian TV Channel 7 aired two films in the Sunday Night Show called ‘Mystery Disease’ about the effects of Lyme as well as the effects of our treatment.
Here you can watch both parts that pertain to our story of Lyme Disease treatment.

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