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Lyme Desease Symptoms

Lyme Disease has the potential to significantly deteriorate your overall health. In the initial stages, you may see a bulls-eye rash or feel as if you have a cold. If left untreated, however, much more serious symptoms develop. That's why it's important to go to a trusted lyme disease clinic. These symptoms include:

Oftentimes, medical professionals misdiagnose chronic Lyme Disease, leading to ineffective treatments as the underlying disease is unaddressed.

Revolutionary Treatment Options for Lyme Disease

Using a blend of time-tested medicines and cutting-edge research, our Lyme Disease Clinic offers total-body treatments that seek to eliminate Borrelia, the bacteria that is responsible for Lyme disease.

At St. George Hospital Lyme disease clinic We take

multidisciplinary approach to Lyme Disease treatment, including:

Heat Therapy

Using Antibiotic Augmented Thermoeradication (AAT), we bring your body to safe temperatures that Borrelia cannot withstand. By replicating fever-like conditions, we destroy harmful bacteria while preserving healthy cells.

Holistic Detoxification

Harmful toxins can cause suffering across a wide array of internal bodily systems and organs. As part of our treatment program, we safely eradicate these dangerous neurotoxins.

Modern Medications

Throughout the treatment process, we incorporate modern medicines that promote healing while reducing your Lyme Disease symptoms.

Our ultimate goal throughout your treatment plan is to address the root cause of your chronic Lyme Disease, restoring you to the life that you know and love.

- Friedrich Douwes. Director of Klinik St. George

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Our expert medical team at St. George has successfully treated countless patients just like you for their chronic Lyme Disease. We can help you too.

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Located in Bavarian Bad Aibling, Germany, our Lyme Disease Clinic has the knowledge, specialization, and expertise to provide a custom-tailored treatment plan.

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